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The cat is philosophical, methodological, quiet animal, tenacious of it's own habits, fond of order and cleanliness, and it does not lightly confer its friendship. If you are worthy of its affection, a cat will be your friend, but never your slave. He keeps his free will, though he loves, and he will not do for you what he thinks is unreasonable. But if he once gives himself to you it is with absolute confidence and affection.

The Cattery

Welcome to our family cattery, find here all the informations about our cats, our values, our way of breeding and our environment.

Shorthair or longhair, this cat with the look of a big teddy bear is the ideal companion of families. Discover its origins, its character and its very particular features.

Come and discover each of our four-legged companions. You will find a description of their origins, their characters and their particularities.

Find on this page the details of the weddings planned for the next months.

Lots of nice pictures of the kittens that we saw born and that we took good care of.

If you wish to adopt a kitten from us, please read this information carefully.