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Kittens born
at home

All kittens born in our home are loved and cared for from their very first moments. We love and protect them for at least 3 months, they are an integral part of our family and grow up in our home. You will find here some pictures of our current or previous litters that are now the happiness of their respective families.

On October 2, 2023, Rose decided to unveil its one and only little darling.
Ully is Rose's only daughter, the last of this marriage to Robin, and she was born on the same day as one of our little bipeds.
So she'll be staying with us to the delight of the whole family.

A second litter for our sweet Sya.

Six little truffles were born on June 29, 2023, 4 little shorthairs and 2 little longhairs.
Like last time, golden kittens with a fantastic character

Panda became a mother for the second time on June 25, 2023.
Three little girls and a little boy were born.

Two little treasures were born from the union of Robin and Romantica on June 12, 2023.
Uran and Utica, two infinitely sweet babies.

Romy and Robin gave us 7 wonderful babies on June 9, 2023.
As usual, Romy handled this large-scale project with a masterly hand.

For the very first time, Sya became a mom on July 6th 2022. A sweet and caring mom, she was perfect from start to finish and gave us 4 wonderful babies, each one more beautiful than the other.

On July 4, 2022, we welcomed with great happiness the second litter of Romantica. Five wonderful babies were born, four little Points and a little Lilac Golden Shaded. Fluffy babies and so nice...

It is on July 2nd, 2022 that Rose gave birth to these four little treasures. And it is four little boys who were born, Timeo, Tommy, Taïko and Tzar. Three little Blue Golden Shell Point and one little Blue Golden Shaded Point. Their birth preceded by two and four days those of the babies of Tica and Sya. So they had a lot of brothers and sisters to play with.

Romy gave birth to four wonderful babies on June 19, 2022. Three females and one male, Tethis, Timie, Theia and Tao. A lovely, easy and lively litter... Pure happiness!

The little Tessie was born on May 15, 2022 and she is the last little chip of her mom. R'mione will indeed be spayed before the end of the year for her comfort. Just like Pearl, she will stay by our side to live happily.

Her little sweetie has everything for her, golden shaded point chocolate dress, she has a golden character.
She will join a wonderful family and will be, in her turn, one day, a mother.

While normally we celebrate the lily of the valley bells on May 1st, here we celebrated the birth of the two little princesses of Pandora.

Pandora was discovering the important role of being a mom and she did it very well. She is both a protective mom and a buddy mom and is always up for a game of gallop with her two darlings Tamie and Tamara.

It is on April 22, 2022 that Pearl will have given birth to her five adorable babies. They are all Lilac Golden Shaded Point, two little Longhair and three little Shorthair.

They are the last kittens of Pearl, indeed after having offered us ten kittens in three litters, Pearl deserved to retire. She will stay by our side and will be the auntie for our friends' babies.

On November 20, 2021, R'mione gave birth to the second generation of the house. They are three little boys who came to enlarge the family, a Lilac Golden Shaded, Shoko - and two Lilac Golden Shaded Point, Sayan and Shaïlo. 

R'mione has been a fantastic and very loving mom to her babies. They are playful, cuddly and are real purr machines, only happiness.

On September 29, 2021, Romantica decided to give birth to three wonderful babies in the middle of dinner, without any warning signs. In the middle of the noise and the agitation, Tica, very serene as usual, managed like a boss. They are three little boys who came to enlarge the family, a Blue Golden Shaded, Sherlock - a Blue Golden Shaded Point, Swan - and a Lilac Golden Shaded Point, Sacha.

Rose gave life on July 18, 2021 to a one and only British longhair kitten, Saphir. He is a little cloud, he was born very small but very quickly caught up. Of Blue Golden Shaded Point dress he is a sweet mix between his daddy and his mommy. Rose and Romy having given life at the same time, Saphir has the chance to have two moms. If you want to see this unique birth, this is the place to be.

Romy, Rose's niece gave birth to six wonderful babies on July 18, 2021. Three females and three males with four different coats: Blue Golden Shaded Point, Blue Golden Shell Point, Blue Golden Shaded and Blue Golden Shell. Romy and Rose having given birth at the same time, the babies are lucky to have two moms. If you want to see this unique birth, this is the place to be.

Pearl and Robin decided to flirt together behind our back and on May 12, 2021, little Snow was born from this hidden love. Superb little longhair male Lilac Golden Shaded Point (Pearl was not tested on the LH gene, so it is a surprise for me). The spitting image of his dad as well physically as in the character, a ball of love in power.

Pearl and Lion de Léomile (British Longhair Blue Point carrier Cinnamon owned by Marie) gave birth on October 3, 2020 to 4 beautiful British shorthair kittens. Two little Blue Point (Rosie and Dolly) and two little Fawn Point (Rio and Lady). A litter full of life and adorable, a real pleasure to be at their side.

Lion of Leomile
Lion of Leomile

Nala (Black Silver Shell - ns12) and Lion de Léomile (British Longhair owned by Marie) gave birth on February 16th 2020 to 3 kittens, Rupert, Rivage and R'mione. Nothing went as planned and misfortune knocked on our door as we lost Nala when her babies were 4 days old. We had to fight to save these 3 little angels. I explain everything in detail on a blog post. 

Lion of Leomile
Lion of Leomile

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