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The British

The British is a medium-sized cat with a powerful body. It has for cousins the Chartreux and the European. It is easily recognizable with its curves that give it the appearance of a teddy bear all fluffy. Calm and intelligent, the British is the ideal pet for all families. This cat is recognizable by its large round head with full cheeks and muscular neck. It has a short nose with curved, open nostrils. The British's eyes are also very round, although some lines are starting to bring in almond-shaped eyes, set wide apart. The eye color is always matched to the color of the British's coat. For example, a cat with a point coat (light body and darker tips), regardless of its base coat or pattern, will always have blue eyes.
The British shorthair originated in England. British breeders created this breed from scratch in the 19th century and by crossing their best specimens of these cats with longhairs, the Persians, they created the British Longhair. The shorthair was awarded for the first time in 1871 at the London Cat Show. Between the two wars, this breed almost completely disappeared but it was saved thanks to crossbreeding with Russian Blues and Chartreux. The British has thus regained its letters of nobility. Recognized in France since the end of the 1970's, it is now a very popular cat and more and more in demand.

Romy lying in the veranda

Faithful to its ancestors great rat hunters, the British appreciates the great outdoors and freedom. The British is kind and reserved. Calm and peaceful, it is perfectly suited to a family with children with whom it loves to play. This cat is also very tolerant and easily accepts the presence of other cats or dogs. Very attached to its master, the British has a great need for tenderness. It is better to have enough time to devote to him.

If the British adapt well to life in an apartment, having a garden is always preferable because he likes to spend time outside. By nature a hunter, the British sometimes brings back prey. A few games at his disposal will allow him to fulfill this instinctive function. 

The British is a cat with a big appetite. It is necessary to watch carefully its food to avoid the embonpoint. To preserve its natural musculature, its diet must be rich in protein and low in fat.

The British is a cat with a robust health. However, his coat should be watched, especially if he goes outside a lot, because the British, with its dense coat, is sensitive to flea infestations.