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Upcoming litters

Below are the weddings planned for the coming months.

However, it is important to know that not everything that is planned will be realized. Indeed, we cannot control everything in breeding and it is possible that some marriages are not made for various reasons. We must not forget that they are living beings and that sometimes two individuals can not get along for these things.

The demand is such that I strongly advise you to contact me before the births if you wish to welcome a house baby into your family. 

All kittens from this marriage are longhairs, blue golden (shaded or shell) point and chocolate carriers. 

Robin - cy1133 Pink - ay1233

The kittens will all be longhairs and the expected dresses are :

  1. Blue golden (shaded / shell) point - chocolate carriers
  2. Blue golden (shaded / shell) - point and chocolate carriers. 

Romy - ay12 Robin - cy1133

The expected dresses are:

  1. Blue golden shaded - chocolate and dot carriers
  2. Blue golden shaded point - chocolate carriers
  3. Lilac golden shaded - point holders 
  4. Lilac golden shaded point

Robin - cy1133 Romantica - ay11

The dresses expected on this wedding are diverse: 

  1. Black golden shell or shaded - chocolate carriers, point and dilution
  2. Blue golden shell or shaded - chocolate and dot carriers
  3. Golden shell or shaded chocolate - dilution and point holders
  4. Lilac golden shell or shaded - point holders

Pandora - ny12 Robin - cy1133

As Tilasha is not genetically tested, we may be in for some surprises when it comes to the babies' dresses.
They will be at least black golden shaded and will all carry point, dilution and chocolate.
All kittens resulting from this marriage will be longhairs.

Tilasha - ny11 Robin - cy1133