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L’As de Coeur d’Aghan

Ulyss Morinda * Wolker Wellington

Colt French Warmblood
Buckskin Tobiano

Kept for breeding

Born on
May 4, 2021

L'As de Coeur is a Selle Français colt born on May 4th at 00h35, very tall, very bony and superbly marked. He is also really nice and easy. He's close to human with whom everything is easy, he always wants to do well and he's very curious.

His father, Ulyss Morinda (who needs no introduction) obtained an ISO of 163 and was classified as "Improver Stallion" in 2019 after a magnificent season. Under the saddle of Rik Hemeryck, the wonderfull piebald of Mrs. Ravel who offered himself his first victory in GP 160 class in Harthilll, England.

Her mother, Wolkessa's Cream IE (Wolker Wellington * Mc Jonnas), is a beautiful mare born in 2017, full of strength, energy and she is about 170cm height. Broken in 2020, "Wolky" proved to be easy and practical with the right amount of blood. With a golden character and impressive strength, she is at work since March 2022.

Mare CDE

Wolker Wellington * MC Jonnas

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