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Nine Million d'Aghan

Million Dollar * Piecasault Bellonniere

Filly Selle Français bay

Sold in France

Born on
June 26, 2023

Nine Million d’Aghan is a beautiful Selle Français filly born on June 26, 2023.
She's a well-built filly with a good head. Her moult is beginning to give us a glimpse of a very dark brown, almost black, coat. 

Her dam, I'pie Bellonnière (Piecasault Bellonnière * Visage van de Olmenhoeve (ISO 155) * Aurois du Chateau (ICC 140)) is a 165 cm AES mare born in 2018 with a pretty piebald coat.

Her maternal grand dam, Saga Bellonnière, is a sister to Palatial d'Arcelière (Bonhomme II * Aurois du Chateau), a palomino mare who has made a name for herself with her production.

She is the mother of Bacon's Donald, Aglae, Clara, Dune and Fantasia, all of whom scored out of 135 and 140.

Saga's father, Visage van de Olmenhoeve (ISO 155) is no longer to be presented. He raced in the 160's under the saddle of Chris Burton and was quickly noticed for his originality, proof that one can be quality AND colorful.

Piecasault Bellonnière, is a son of Ramonus (Ramiro Z * Grannus) who raced in the 160s under German saddle.

Her sire, Million Dollar (Plot Blue * Vigo d'Arsouilles), is part of a line characterized by an accumulation of performers of rare quality and concentration.
Plot Blue was a great performer under Marcus Ehning. He lit up the world scene from 2003 to 2015: World Team Champion at Lexington in 2010, World Cup Final winner, Top Ten winner...

His second dam, Daytona de Muze, was already very successful in show jumping at 1.60 m under Belgian rider Jody Bosteels and has since been sold to the USA.

His 3rd dam, Wallon de Muze, was successfully crowned under the saddle of Michel Hécart (1.60 m), as was his own sister, Walnut de Muze, with Harrie Smolders.

In full ascent, this leaping horse seems to have only the sky as a limit.

Mare AES

Piecasault Bellonnière * Visage Van de Olmenhoeve

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Belgian warmblood stallion

Plot Blue * Vigo d'Arsouilles

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