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Obi Wan d'Aghan

Nabab de Rêve * Wolker Wellington

Male SF chestnut


Born on
March 17, 2024

Obi Wan is an incredible and huge colt by the legendary Nabab de Rêve. All muscle, he's a colt who exudes power and charisma! He's also very human-oriented, curious and loves contact. Well armed and with a strong back, he'll be perfect for the big sport!
His coat amused us at birth, as he has a pretty mullet stripe, so he was tested and is nd1/nd2.

We were very lucky as he was the very last Nabab foal to be born, as the last remaining straws have been removed and will only be available for ICSI.

His dam, Wolkessa's Cream IE, is a large 172cm mare, full of strength, kind and with a lot of scope.
She is a Wolker Wellington's daughter (Ohio Van de Padenborre * Narcos II * Ramiro Z), himself a Quidam de Revel's grandson.
Her dam, Eva, is a granddaughter of Festina du Mesnil by Narcos II, whose own sister, Elma du Mesnil, produced Quarnac du Mesnil.
A maternal line from which we find many CSI 5*-rated horses, to name but a few: Dollar du Mesnil, Galisco du Mesnil, Jaguar de Guarred, Vesontio du Mesnil..: Dollar du Mesnil, Galisco du Mesnil, Jaguar de Guarred (160), Vesontio du Mesnil...

His father, Nabab de Rêve, needs no introduction as his name speaks for itself.
Nabab de Reve, a great international performer under the saddle of Philippe Le Jeune, passed away in 2015, but he will remain one of the greatest sires in the history of European breeding. For over 10 years, he has been one of the world's Top 15 stallions, and he still produces a lot of performers of all ages: Glasgow Vh Merelsnest, Ensor de Litrange LXII, Cadeau de Muze, Homer de Reve, Huxx de Muze, London, Zinius, Dieudonne De Guldenboom, Global, Equador Vh Roosaker, Kashmir van Schuttershof, Carembar de Muze, Vigo d'Arsouilles....

Obi Wan will be the perfect partner for an ambitious rider, and we have great faith in him.

Mare CDE

Wolker Wellington * MC Jonnas

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SBS standard

Quidam de Revel * Artichoke

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