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One Million d'Aghan

Million Dollar * High Offley Fernando

Colt French Warmblood

Sold in Switzerland

Born on
June 4, 2024

One Million d’Aghan is a magnificent Selle Français colt born on June 4, 2024. All leg, he should not lack size or amplitude. A fan of his coat, which was given to him by mom, he has also inherited the same head as his dad!

His dam, HVS Touch of Amber, is a daughter of the magnificent High Offley Fernando who competed the 140 in England. Noted for his qualities and his sport paper in addition to his colorful coat, he was used almost exclusively by British breeders.
This son of Kannan GFE (who needs no introduction) is out of a dam by Samber * Ronald (140). After racing in the 130s herself, she devoted herself to breeding and has produced several horses running in the 130s and higher.

Fernando's first products start the 135 abroad.

Amber's mother, Cassies Lass (Silvano [Corland (160)* Bernstein] * Ricardo Z * Animo's Hallo (150)), has devoted herself solely to production. Her 2014 daughter Arkans Lass SL (Arkan) will win her first 135 in 2021.
Amber's second dam, Rockland Ricardess, is a sister to Hello Enya and Gareeb, who have produced CCI 4* and 145+ horses.

If you've been following us for any length of time, you'll know just how fond I am of Million Dollar, as much for his genetics and sporting qualities as for his ultra-flattering looks. We've already placed our trust in him twice (2022 and 2023) and the fillies were a real success each time.

He is part of a lineage characterized by an accumulation of performers of rare quality and concentration.

His sire, the illustrious Plot Blue, was a great performer under the saddle of Marcus Ehning. He lit up the world scene from 2003 to 2015: World Team Champion at Lexington in 2010, World Cup Final winner, Top Ten winner...

His second dam, Daytona de Muze, was already very successful in show jumping at 1.60 m under Belgian rider Jody Bosteels and has since been sold to the USA.

His 3rd dam, Wallon de Muze, was successfully crowned under the saddle of Michel Hécart (1.60 m), as was his own sister, Walnut de Muze, with Harrie Smolders.

In full ascent, this leaping horse seems to have only the sky as a limit.

One Million is therefore a serious contender for the sport and why not a future stallion combining quality and color!

Mare AES

High Offley Fernando * Silvano

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Belgian warmblood stallion

Plot Blue * Vigo d'Arsouilles

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