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I'Pie Bellonnière

Piecasaut Bellonnière * Visage Van De Olmenhoeve

Mare AES
Buckskin Tobiano

Born on
September 3, 2018

I'pie (Piecasault Bellonnière * Visage van de Olmenhoeve (ISO 155) * Aurois du Chateau (ICC 140)) is an AES mare of 165 cm, born in 2018 with a pretty piebald coat.

Her mother, Saga Bellonnière, is the sister of Palatial d'Arcelière (Bonhomme II * Aurois du Chateau), a palomino mare who was noticed for her production.
She is the mother of Bacon's Donald, Aglae, Clara, Dune and Fantasia, all of whom scored out of 135 and 140.
Saga's father, Visage van de Olmenhoeve (ISO 155) is no longer to be presented. He raced in the 160's under the saddle of Chris Burton and was quickly noticed for his originality, proof that one can be quality AND colorful.

His father, Piecasault Bellonnière, is a son of Ramonus (Ramiro Z * Grannus) who ran the 160 under German saddle.

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