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The Stud Farm

I have always been passionate about animals, especially horses, and now I have the chance to combine my passion with my work. 

I have been riding since I was 4 years old and became an owner for the first time at 14.

The breeding project is something that has been on our minds for several years but we did not have the right structure.


In 2017 we found the house of our dreams that would allow us to finally realize this somewhat crazy project.

We are fortunate to have a property of 22 hectares in one piece with woods, meadows and ponds... A paradise for animals of all kinds.

Everything had to be done in terms of infrastructure but with a lot of hard work we have more than 12 hectares fenced in with rails and ribbons. Security is something very important to us. We also have 6 large boxes and soon, a stal for weaning foals.

Le Domaine d'aghan - summer

I have always been attracted by original horses. They are not present enough in the sport, it is quite naturally that I engaged myself on this way.

Today, eight mares are part of the family and seven were imported from abroad: England, Spain, Germany and the Czech Republic. It is always a delicate moment but until now everything has gone well.

Our horses live in large herds and enjoy an optimal quality of life. All our mares are vaccinated (flu - tetanus - rhino), dewormed and followed by a dentist and a farrier. 

They are fed with grass, unlimited hay and are supplemented with Destrier's "Premium Elevage".

Alex and the horses

The stallions we use are "crush" stallions that we don't need to introduce to you anymore. The crossbreeding is considered according to the qualities and the failing to be improved of each mare. Each of them will go to work after the weaning of their foals and then in valorization or not according to their aptitudes.

We live on site and spend a lot of time with our horses. 
The foaling is done in large boxes of 3m75 by 7m50 to offer the maximum comfort to our mares while allowing us to keep an eye on them. The boxes are equipped with cameras and we have the EasyFoal system which saves us many sleepless nights.

Wooden horse box

The foals will almost all be offered for sale. If however you are interested in a foal that is not, do not hesitate to come and discuss it, I am open to any serious and thoughtful proposal. They will leave the house handled, trimmed, dewormed, identified and vaccinated.

For international transport, we have professional transporters in our contacts and can help you in the organization of the trip.

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