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British Longhair
Black Golden Shaded

born on
February 16, 2020

R'mione was born at home and her beginning of life was complicated because she lost her mom when she was only 5 days old. We had to take over and feed her, her brother and her sister every 2 hours day and night for more than a month (see the article on the Blog). She had an incredible strength of life and it was obvious for us that she would not leave us. She is a cat of an incredible softness and discretion. A little more independent than some, she is nevertheless stuck to us and her specialty is to wake us up by her purrs and rubs at night to be cuddled.

Genetically, R'mione is black golden shaded - ny11 - she carries the point, the dilution and the cinnamon - Blood Group A - PKD N/N - Last CMH scan : 02/2021 = Clear

After having offered us four wonderful babies, R'mione was neutered in September 2022 and is now living happily. It is less the case for the rodents of the surroundings, to my great despair she is a formidable hunter!


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