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I am very passionate about animals in general. I grew up with them and learned to love and respect them from a very young age. Like many little girls, I have always dreamed of working with them.

In parallel of my "general" studies, I first started by passing a diploma of veterinary auxiliary a few years ago and then a BEPA in canine and feline breeding. At that time, it was complicated to start a business, so reason prevailed over passion and I settled for more than 10 years in a more "standard" but less exciting job, finance.
In 2016 I discovered the British with the arrival of our little MokaThey are a special breed and it is difficult to stop when we start with them.
It is only in 2017, when we bought our new house that this dream of living from my passion took place little by little in my head. I am lucky to be accompanied by someone who believed in this project from the beginning and who supports me every day. It is never easy to consider a change of professional life, especially when we are lucky enough to have a secure and rewarding job. That's why I thank my husband for pushing me to make this decision that changed my life. Of course, regarding the breed of cat I wanted to breed, no questions asked... I will only breed British!

Le Domaine d'aghan - spring

My experience in the animal world has confronted me with situations that I cannot accept... Many farms work with animals in cages and/or isolated and this is simply unacceptable. Some of them will never know the warmth of a home or the contact of a hand that caresses them...
In our home, before anything else, the well-being of our cats is at the heart of our concerns. To raise yes but in the love and the respect of our animals. All our cats, whatever they are, live with us, in our house like any other cat and have access to the outside.
We are lucky to live on 22 hectares without any danger, and that's why our hairballs can blossom and enjoy their "cat lives". It is true that the British is a cat that acclimates very well to life in an apartment but I don't like to read that it is not made for the outside... It remains above all a cat with needs, instincts and desires specific to its species (and not to its breed) and like any small feline it loves to enjoy the fresh air and the outside.

Le Domaine d'aghan - summer

All our adult cats are tested for PKD and FIV/FELV by genetic sampling. In addition, every year each of our cats is scanned for HCM (heart disease or abnormality). This is a follow-up that must be done every year since it is a change in the thickness of the walls of the heart muscle that could indicate a problem. It is therefore important to be able to compare the ultrasounds from one year to the next. Obviously, there is no such thing as zero risk and despite all the care and attention we give to our cats' health, we can never guarantee that no disease will occur in our adults or kittens. One thing is sure, if one of our protégés had to declare a disease, it would be sterilized of course and would continue its life at our sides in spite of everything.
Our cats and kittens are exclusively fed with kibbles and pates without cereals. Cats are strict carnivores and carbohydrates are not part of their diet. We also provide fresh raw or lightly cooked meat for easier chewing. A good diet is important for the health of your little friend.

Le Domaine d'aghan - Fall

As for our kittens, just like our adults, they grow up with us and are therefore used to everyday noises. We have two children of 3 years and 8 years and they love to cuddle, carry and play with the kittens. We also have a dog, Nuance, a 50 kilos bernese mountain dog and 2 little guinea pigs. The babies are used to many things when they leave the nest and are ready to start their new life.
All our kittens will leave the house vaccinated (primo plus recalls for Coryza, Leucosis and Typhus), they will be dewormed internally and externally, registered at the LOOF, with a certificate of good health established by our veterinarian, a personalized welcome booklet, a USB key with photos and videos since their birth as well as a personalized kitten kit and very well supplied. I am fortunate to work with competent people who make me custom kits according to my desires. I prefer handmade and French.
Our kittens are intended for company and are sterilized before their departure. Some exceptions of sale in reproduction can possibly be envisaged for professional people and declared with SIRET number.
The babies will leave us at the age of 13 weeks for France and 15 weeks for abroad, once their rabies vaccine (mandatory to cross the borders) is active. You will find in the heading "Our adoption conditions" my way of proceeding concerning the reservation and the departure of my babies.

Le Domaine d'aghan - winter

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