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Lyra d'Aghan

Tzigano Massuere * Glitter N'Cream GF

Filly Selle Français

For Sale

Born on
May 29, 2021

Lyra is the last one to show her nose this season. Gardenie, without any warning sign, decided to give him life in the meadow, in the middle of the night among the girlfriends. Fortunately everything went perfectly.

Lyra is a Selle Français born on May 2021, she is already very chic, very energetic and shows her little character. She has incredible gaits, very aerial, she is a filly with a lot of class.
Her father, Tzigano Massuere (Cassini II * Burggraaf), is the 2017 French Pro-elite Champion under the saddle of Romain Potin. He is a horse that we like very much and that's why we trust him again for 2022.
Her dam, Gardenie Falkenhorst Z, is a 2017 Zangersheide mare, measuring 158cm, very classy and sweet, daughter of an approved ZFDP stallion.
Current size : 143cm on june 10, 2022. Expected size at least 160cm ±2cm

Mare Zangersheide

Glitter N'Cream GF * Win the Gold

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Tzigano Massuere

Selle Français Stallion

Cassini II * Burggraaf 

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