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Karismatic d'Aghan Z

Kassander Van't Roosakker Z * Mineral

Colt Zangersheide Buckskin


Born on
May 11, 2022

Karismatic is a magnificent Zangersheide buckskin colt born on May 11th at 12:25 pm, he already has all the makings of a great one!

His sire, Kassander van't Roosakker (Echo van't Spieveld x Carthago x Darco x Chin Chin) is a stallion with exceptional genetics. His mother is the Grand Prix mare Electra van't Roosakker and his great grandmother is the international mare Usha van't Roosakker, mother of the top horses Centoia van't Roosakker (aka Cella), Equador van't Roosakker and the promising young stallion George Z. Kassander's own sister Kaprice van't Roosakker won the Belgian 6 year old championship before being exported to the USA

His mother, M Candice Z is a young Zangersheide perlino with many points of strength and a lot of blood. We find in her pedigree the names of Carismo Darex and Cor de la Bryère.
She is a very nice mare, tall and slender, with a sport conformation.

Karismatic is an amazing colt. He will be an excellent sport horse with an eye catching look!

Mare Zangersheide

Mineral * Carismo

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Zangersheide Stallion

Echo van't Spieveld * Carthago

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